Protect These Lands

Supporting Environmental Conservation Through the Power of Photography

Public lands. Wilderness areas. Backcountry landscapes. The grandeur and beauty of the great outdoors.

These are my subjects.

But documenting and recording stunning vistas to create and sell fine art landscape images is not my sole motivation.

My work is also a tool to promote environmental conservation.

It’s about telling the story of nature and documenting its beauty, so that we may preserve and protect it for future generations.

I believe that photography can be very effective for this purpose, because visual imagery has the power to bring attention to important environmental issues more persuasively than mere words can.

What Drives my Passionate Support of Environmental Conservation

I’m fortunate, I spend much of my time in the middle of the most spectacular environmental wonders this world has to offer. Places I sometimes imagine I may be the first to traverse in years, possibly ever.

Then I look around and realize that, unfortunately, that’s not always true. Others before me have damaged the environment by carelessness or ravaged it for profit. Make no mistake, our environment is taking a beating and fighting for its life.

Early native people had the right idea. They believed in and taught their children that the land and all its treasures didn’t belong to them, and were to be cared for and held in trust for generations to come.

Thanks to the efforts of several great organizations and their dedicated members, there are meaningful initiatives and campaigns taking place right now to save what we have, and to continue to set aside more wilderness areas, educate the public, and fund environmental research.

Each and every one of us can do our part to serve this effort. Each of us has the power to raise our hands and help in many different ways.

That’s where my passion helps make a difference.

We have always been active supporters of charities and philanthropic efforts whose missions we support, organizations doing meaningful work in the world. Walt Thirion Photography is continuing this tradition by donating a significant portion of its profits to advance these environmental conservation efforts.

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