Views Through the Lens of a Passionate Photographer

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Ethereal Blue I

Ethereal Blue

Scoresbysund Greenland is already an alien landscape but in heavy fog the icebergs lose their material form and appear ethereal.



  1. the state of being alone; seclusion: to enjoy one’s solitude
  2. remoteness from habitations; absence of human activity: the solitude of the Grand Canyon
  3. an unfrequented place: a solitude in the mountains
Flawed Reflection


When one attempts to travel close to the northern or southern ends of the earth, the landscape rapidly changes. Extreme cold, gale force winds and desert-like conditions. But it is at these remote points where the storied ice is found.


“Photographs are a way of imprisoning reality…One can’t possess reality, one can possess images–one can’t possess the present but one can possess the past.” — Susan Sontag, On Photography

Color images attempt to capture reality at a moment in time. Black and white images merely capture the shadow of that reality.


Recent Work

A sampling of some of my recent work. The images displayed here may be part of an ongoing series or could be outliers that may stand alone or an indication that my work will be exploring new directions.

Artist Statement

In the quantum mechanical view of the universe, everything exists in a superposition of all possible states until an observation or measurement is taken at which time the wave function collapses into a single well-defined state. Physicists have long debated whether this is simply a very accurate model of the universe or is, in fact, a true representation with the consequence that two different observers can experience different realities.

Though it isn’t a perfect metaphor, the quantum model is similar to our interactions with the natural world. We each experience our own reality depending on the type and strength of our connection to nature. To some, it is simply a pile of rocks (Vermillion Cliffs National Monument) or a big ditch (the Grand Canyon). To others, myself included, there is a deep emotional and spiritual connection with nature that transcends the pure natural beauty.

Ansel Adams believed in the righteousness of photography to reveal not the obvious truths, but those that lie deeper, and that may be discovered by a photographer with a sensitive eye coupled with a searching mind. To me, this is especially true in the grandeur of the natural landscape. Photography is unique among the arts in its ability to capture the experience of the artist because it starts with an image capture, not a blank canvas or sheet of paper. The photographer must then transform this captured image into the art that represents his vision.

My work is not intended to simply portray the obvious beauty of the natural world. Using expressionist techniques, I strive to give form to my aesthetic experience of and deep connection with the natural world. Distortion and exaggeration of colors and textures reflect my deeply contemplative feelings combined with heightened emotional awareness. My intent is to blur the line between fiction and objective reality and enable the viewer to move beyond the obvious and contemplate the deeper, sometimes hidden, meaning of the natural world, to recognize our feelings don’t shape the world but proceed from our being in it.

Large format, fine-art prints are the culmination of my effort. I enjoy viewing images on screens but it falls short of the aesthetic experience of interacting with the final print. It also closes the circle of the metaphor as the print represents a single, well-defined instance of all the possible ways I could have presented my work.