Artist Statement

In my work, I explore the relationship between the physical landscape and the intense emotions induced. On one level, a photograph is nothing more than spots of ink on paper or colored pixels on a monitor screen. My aim is to transcend the physical, immersing the viewer in the emotion as if transported directly to the location and experiencing it first-hand.

My work has been described as:

technically superb, fine art photography that documents seldom seen landscapes, produced in large-format prints, most of which are limited editions.

My subject matter is the grandeur of the natural world. Wilderness areas, the vast and often unexplored backcountry of the Western U.S., and stunning vistas not everyone has access to.

My goal with my work is to convey my love of, and affinity with, this world. I seek to introduce others to the magnificent landscapes I photograph, through fine art prints that transcend typical post card images, so that they too may develop their own emotional connection with these often remote and unseen vistas.

What informs my work more than anything else, however, is my commitment to environmental conservation. My hope is that my photographs will educate viewers about environmental issues and inspire a shared passion for stewardship, so that we can work together to preserve and protect the spectacular environmental gifts we’ve been given for future generations to enjoy.