About Walt

What if you could add your voice to environmental conservation efforts through the art you collect?

It’s said that one of the reasons people collect art is to communicate a message about themselves to the world.

Sometimes, that message is about more than the collector and their aesthetic leanings, it’s about something important they believe in or a cause they feel passionate about, in which a piece of art, or an entire collection, can become a way to effect change in the larger world. 

Hi, I’m fine art landscape photographer Walt Thirion. I strongly believe that art has the power to bring people together around a common cause. For me, that cause is environmental conservation and preservation.

If what’s important to you is artistically beautiful and technically superior fine art landscape photography that also adds to the greater good through a focus on environmental conservation, you will find a passionate and like-minded aesthetic here.

My hope is to use my work to raise awareness of environmental issues, and that those who visit my website and my Kanab studio will be motivated to support environmental conservation and education though both direct action and financial support.

To that end, part of the proceeds from the sale of my work goes directly to environmental conservation initiatives that preserve and protect the landscapes and wilderness areas I photograph.

You can learn more about how I use proceeds from my work to support environmental conservation efforts on my Giving Back page.


My Official Bio

Born in Warren, Ohio, my love of photography started when I was 12 years old, when I first experienced the satisfaction of taking, developing and printing pictures in the school’s darkroom. My skill continued to evolve during my work as the high school yearbook photographer, for which I won several awards for sports photography as well as for my natural, candid editorial images.

In 1999, after a relatively successful career as a serial entrepreneur, I found I had more free time to pursue my lifelong love of nature and photography. I began to spend more time in the back country, hiking and back packing, with many nights camping under the stars.

However, when I attempted to relate these adventures to others, I found it hard to convey the strong emotions I experienced while exploring the natural environment. Recognizing the inherent truth in the cliché, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” I began sharing images from my trips.

For several years I shared my work this way, receiving many compliments. But in spite of this positive feedback, I was somewhat frustrated as the images felt to me like nice postcard pictures, but fell short of conveying the strong emotions I wanted to communicate.

Because my success in my previous endeavors as a hi-tech guy was a direct result of my belief in the pursuit of excellence, I sought out mentors for coaching and constructive criticism.

This ongoing effort enabled me to focus my creative vision and take my work to a higher level, and I have the honor of hearing the word, “Wow!,” when showing my work to people for the first time.

I now work out of a studio in beautiful and scenic Kanab, Utah, where visitors can view my large-format prints and other work in person. My goal for the studio is to have a cool place for both tourists and locals to learn about and discuss environmental conservation issues in a conducive atmosphere, and ideally, feel called to support these efforts through a donation or a purchase.

You can read my Artist Statement to learn more about my philosophy and approach to the work I do.


I also invite you to view my Galleries.

And if you have any questions or would like to inquire about my work, please feel free to reach out.